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Te Paepae Arahi uses a combination of both Kaupapa/Tikanga Māori and Clinical approaches in our service delivery, we believe that Kaupapa/Tikanga Māori is a proven effective method in which to engage with our Tangata Whaiora, and that it is suitable for anyone seeking Well being

Mental Health and Addiction support. 

Our services are provided by our team of qualified Social Workers, Kaitautoko (Support Workers) and DAAPANZ registered AOD and Mental Health Clinicians and Counselors.

Te Paepae Arahi has a range of services available that are free! to whānau living in the Hutt Valley region. Our community services are also Mobile, appointments outside of office can be arranged at user request.

We provide services to and for:

  • Low to Medium needs cases*

  • Mental Health and Well Being Support (Food, Housing, Financial, Physical Health)

  • Advocacy and Appointment Support

  • Alcohol and other Drug Counselling/Educational needs

  • Suspended Drivers License's (IDAC Programme)

  • Pakeke (Adults) ages 18+

  • Rangatahi,Tamariki (Teenagers, Children) ages 8-17*

  • All Ethnicity's and Cultures are Welcome!

There is a minimum of 24 hours of sobriety prior to appointment.

*Te Paepae Arahi works at a case by case basis, and will consider High needs referrals.

*Parental consent is recommended for Rangatahi and Tamariki.


Te Paepae Arahi accepts Agency and Service referrals, we also welcome Walk In or Self Referrals.


Please send your referral to administration@tepaepae.co.nz or visit us at our office to do intake with one of our staff. 


Download our referral form below.


Download Referral.Doc Here >

Mental Health and Addiction Outreach and Counselling

Individual Support (Kaupapa Māori Mental Health and AOD Counselling)

The Te Paepae Arahi Individual Support is kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face), we use kaupapa Māori approaches for Well Being, Mental Health and Addiction needs. Our Counselors and Kaitautoko provide Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling and Education.

This is a Mobile service and private home visits can be arranged.



I.D.A.C. (Impaired Drivers Awareness Course)

The Impaired Driver’s Awareness Course alternates between the Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt Community Corrections sites from 9am – 5pm, on the last two Saturday’s of every month.

The course covers the social, health, and legal ramifications of impaired substance driving and road safety requirements.

The overall objective of the course is to:

  • Explore and discuss what drives an individual to drink and drive under the influence of legal and/or illegal substances;

  • Explore and discuss the effects of substance impaired driving regarding an individual’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing;

  • Explore and discuss the ripple effects of impaired substance driving on an individual’s family, friends and wider community;

  • Explore and discuss anger and stress management strategies;

  • Explore and discuss relapse prevention strategies;

  • Develop individual safety plans to prevent substance impaired driving in order to keep participants and other people safe on the road;

  • Assist participants to have indefinite suspensions lifted from their driver’s licence, by referring them to an approved land transport assessor; and Provide ongoing individual and/or group therapy to address any substance related issues.

Lower Hutt Community Corrections

5 Market Grove

Lower Hutt

IDAC Facilitator: Jasmine Haley

Upper Hutt Community Corrections

8 Railway Avenue

Upper Hutt

IDAC Facilitator: Tim Shay

Group Support Programmes

Te Rōpū Tane

(Men's Mental Health & Addiction Outreach Programme)

Te Paepae Arahi Office 7 Level 1 Daly Street, Lower Hutt

Thursday 11.00am - 2.00pm

Pick up service available (to be arranged) 

Our mens peer support program is based on the principles of Te Whare Tapa Whā, with a Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health focus. The aim is to develop and encourage Tane Hauora and wellbeing by showing and practicing whakawhanaungatanga through awhina kai (Food) and korero (Talk)

Te Whainga Whirikoka

(Women's Mental Health & Addiction Outreach Program)

Te Paepae Arahi Office 7 Level 1 Daly Street, Lower Hutt

12 Week Course, 11.00am - 1.30pm
Pick up service available (to be arranged) 

Our Women's program covers a variety of topics such as Relapse & Self Awareness, Child Development, Supporting Towards Positive Change, Independence, strengthening relationships, promoting Māori and general health and well being. 

Rangatahi Support

Te Paepae Arahi has Rangatahi support services work both with individuals and group support initiatives.


Individual Kaupapa Māori Rangatahi Support

Te Paepae Kaitautoko support Rangatahi through kanohi ki te kanohi Mentoring, which tackles Mental Health, Well Being and Drug/Alcohol related issues, we work together with our Rangatahi to help navigate them towards Tinorangatiratanga. Whānau involvement is encouraged through out the journey. This is a Mobile service and private home visits can be arranged.

Ka Hao Te Rangatahi

(Youth Group Programme Ages 13-18)

'Ka Hao Te Rangatahi' derives from the whakatauki “Ka pū te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi” the programme focuses on the adoption of positive behaviour and also on the importance of identity, helping to create connections that provide a sense of belonging. It also covers the subjects of future planning and AOD (Alcohol & Other Drugs) education.

for more info. on any of the services listed above contact us